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Who We Are

Intamixx Radio is an online digital radio station with a difference.

Our primary objective is to ensure a range and diversity of music is broadcast whilst we adapt to the tastes and interests of listeners as they continue to evolve.


Music connects communities, reflects variety and represents the UK’s world-leading creativity. We encompass a broad range of styles of music, formats, and target a mix of tastes and demographics.


Intamixx Radio is an important channel for the distribution of music and musician's work. Help build fan bases and to generate revenues for the rest of the music sector, including live music and festivals, recording studios, session players and orchestras.

Fresh Talent

Grant airtime to new artists and songs, is key to supporting the development of new talent and supporting the export potential of music around the world.

Innovate and Evolve

Create new dynamic digital platforms for music content to be played, ensuring delivery to the largest possible audiences. Engage with audiences through rich media content such as podcasts, live shows, talk radio and news.

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Have an idea or an epic project in mind? Promotion for new music or artists? Let's work together and create a plan. Send us a message at

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